VideoPak – Video Brochure

New Swiss Ambassador for VideoPak.

Let me introduce you to the Wow!

VideoPak is a brand of Fuse Innovation.

The Top 10 Uses For VideoPak

  1. Direct Mail in an impressive, unique and innovative way
  2. Delivering Pitches that leave a lasting memory
  3. Announcements of products or services that will hold an audiences attention
  4. Instructions / Training – delivering complex messages in a clear and concise format
  5. Product Presentation to showcase a product and a explanatory video simultaneously
  6. Showreels – when you need to stand out from the competion and show what you can do in style
  7. P.R – drawing attention to something special in a way that will get people talking
  8. Point of Sale – create a crowd by letting the video do the talking.
  9. Promotional hand outs – at events or exhibitions with a seriously impressive and engaging edge over your competitors
  10. Invitations – with a seriously personal and unforgettable touch


I think that they are pretty cool and innovative. What’s your opinion?

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